Latest Tracks:

Homologous Series 4
Permission Denied
The Beast
Saturn 4
No.1 Untitled Robot Franchise
The System
House Noodles
Across The Null

Subject/Office Supplies

Venus No5. vs Tagati
The Almighty One
Earthquake Rock
Charging Too Dear For Herb
Keep On Dubbing
Bedroom Bwoy
Working Man
Put A Curse On Buckingham Palace
Give It Some
Don't Wanna Be A Playa
God Blessed Me
Before I Murder
Particle Accelerator (video below)
The Pleasure Unit
The Pleasure Unit
Days When Everything Goes Dead Wrong
The Proto Clown
Melatone - Daydreamers (venusno5remix)
Age Of Twenty
I Must Think

Melatone - I Would
Neurotica - Listen To The Silence
Tence - Come Down
Stap - Hard Out
Melatone - Daydreamers

2010 - 2011
Anti-Citizen/Came To Rock
1510 To Stalbridge
The Athletic Man
Discount Machines
Higher Than A Year Ago
Live Set Played at Camden Head, Camden Town London 21st Nov 2010 (52 mins / 95 mb)

2005-2008 (New Zealand)
Audibility Check
The Build Up
Drug Sex


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